A great work for us and an amazing collaboration with an even more amazing outcome happened in the spring of 2015. An ornament hotel in Kos, has entrusted us with the creation of lighting in collaboration with the architect who took over the project. The cooperation has been flawless and the final result we believe justifies everyone for this effort. For each space, the luminaires were carefully selected to adequately and properly illuminate the space and add decoration touches for each space. The outside area of ​​the hotel was another challenge for us because it had to match the overall lighting of the hotel but also to highlight the abundance of green in the hotel. Inside the rooms the lighting had to be minimal and create a calm mood to the visitors of the hotel, without getting them tired of a sluggish lighting. Last but not least, the hidden lighting of the hotel with LED tapes and spots played an important role in the final configuration of the interior lighting, which was chosen very carefully to highlight the atmosphere we wanted the hotel to bring to its visitors.