This project was a challenge for us because it had to maintain its classic image, but also to incorporate the industrial style that the owner wanted to after the renovation.For the ground floor and the entrance we made some luminaires inspired by the cups of coffee. So we built a twelve-inch chandelier of coffee cups for entrance, and wall-mounted sconces of the same style. In the middle of the ground floor, black wire grids were selected above the bar. The rest of the ground floor was illuminated with two modern lamps, inspired again by the cups of coffee to blend harmoniously with the main entrance light.The first floor had to be warm with a classic touch but also have industrial elements. Classic red chandeliers were selected for the central part of the floor, which we placed in large-sized wire cages, so the mix and match of classical and industrial was achieved. On the floor where the balconies are located, two lamps of textile and Edison lamps were placed. Around the walls we put metallic wall lamps with colored fabric wires.Above the bar we placed nine metal lamps, in rectangular design, black with Edison lamps.