This cafe-bar had an ethnic style, so the light fixtures were chosen based on that. The pendants with the rope decoration show the style of the whole venue in the lighting. The pillars are covered with 3 metal structures, with decorative glazing, and they are lighted with LED strips inside. French style sconces give their own touch to the style of the place. The selection of the tint of the lighting has played an important role in the final image of the venue as a handmade rust has been chosen, with a result that it is never the same. Outside, special constructions were built above the bench that overlooks the sea to create a romantic atmosphere in the evening. A special design is made by the sconces made for the exterior space above the sofas, with an old mirror. Finally, one can not help but notice the central chandelier in this cafe-bar. Its perimeter is adorned with crystal balls, and below a wood is placed that was laser cut in the shape of the bar’s wood.