The lighting of the restaurant had to be functional and also atmospheric. So the choice of luminaires had to be particularly careful. The lighting was based on two codes of our company: Bucket 815 monochrome and Acor 78A/1. The central space, therefore, was illuminated with Bucket 815, nine luminaries in black with red stitches. The upper space of the restaurant was illuminated with Acor 78A/1 wall lamps, placed on the walls and on the ceiling. For the lighting in the bathrooms, besides the necessary spots, special constructions were made to place and illuminate the mirrors in a slightly more theatrical style with visible lamps above the mirrors. In the main room of the restaurant, in front of the kitchen we wanted something pop to give a special styl in the brand name of the restaurant, so the use of the neon was chosen in a calligraphy font in bold red.