A very special and interesting project for our company was completed and we are very proud of the result. The name of this: SCORPIOS … The collaboration with the K-Studio architectural office has been impeccable, and indeed, within a very short time, a very difficult task has been completed. The demands of the lighting were special and the conditions made the project even more demanding as the Club is right on the sea. Illuminating such a place was really difficult and challenging for everyone involved with the project. It was not only difficult to select the lighting fixtures that had to be chosen, but also their place of installation. Light sources needed to create the right atmosphere without, however, the light being too long or dazzling. A good challenge was the lighting of the surrounding area as the Club had a 360 degree view and we had to take into account that the world could approach it almost from everywhere. So there had to be adequate but always atmospheric lighting everywhere. The result was judged by everyone above satisfactory and the Club became the summer hot spot in Mykonos.