based in Piraeus Greece,

manufactures light fixtures since 1963.

We supply more than 100 stores across Greece.

For the last 12 years, we have realized bespoke light fixtures for more than 500 greek and international projects.

The manufacturing process

takes place in our own facilities, in Piraeus Greece.
We constantly invest on modern technology equipment and high level craftsmanship.
We process and combine different kinds of materials, such as brass, glass, crystals, wood, wire, ceramics, concrete, wicker, bamboo, stone, etc.
We support our clients with on site installation if required.

Production and Delivery time.

The catalogue’s products are usually in stock.
For customized versions and products out of stock the production time is 6 days.
Delivery time for european countries extends from 4 to 7 days.
Maximum delivery time including production time (if necessary) is 15-20 days, for european countries.

Psarrakos Light Identity Service.

For limited stores we offer our service of bespoke light fixtures.
The stores can grow their business with customers that love the modification of standard light fixtures or the manufacture of their personal designs.
In cases that require designers or lighting consultants, we connect the stores with our partners.

10-years Guarantee for all of our products.

Each product leaving our facilities has its own identification booklet with the 10-year written guarantee and a detailed materials’ description.

International Sales and After-Sales.

I am Christina Konstantinidou Lezkidou, based in Germany, handling and managing the international business activity as sales representative of Psarrakos S.A.
Contact me to start our next project.